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Accommodationmotelhokitika is #42,200 website in New Zealand. "Zeald."




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Domain http://www.accommodationmotelhokitika.co.nz
Daily visits 14
Daily pages views 58
Estimated value $411 *
Income per visitor $4.63
Incoming links 15
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Statistics History 3 Months Average
World Rank 23273186 -1908401
Monthly Visitors 390 8.2%
Monthly Visitors Rank 22,756,433 -1866028
Monthly Pageviews 1,740 2%
Monthly Pageviews Rank 30,211,022 -604220
Pageviews Per Visitor 4.49 -


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AS45459 Web Drive Limited
New Zealand
-36.8667, 174.7667
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Its nameservers are ns6.dns.net.nz (, ns4.dns.net.nz (, ns3.dns.net.nz (, ns1.dns.net.nz (, ns7.dns.net.nz (, ns5.dns.net.nz (, ns2.dns.net.nz ( Its IP number is
Server type: Apache
Charset: ISO-8859-1
PING www.accommodationmotelhokitika.co.nz ( The package size is 43 bytes.
43 bytes for seq_num=1 TTL=66 50.2 ms
43 bytes for seq_num=2 TTL=66 51.4 ms
43 bytes for seq_num=3 TTL=66 51.1 ms
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